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At Fragrance Boutique we like to treat our customers in exactly the same way we like to be treated ourselves. Our toes curl at the sight of small print, but it appears that not only to add to our creditability but to comply with legislation we are required to offer you our own ‘large print’ version. You should note that your statutory rights under the current consumer protection laws are not affected (more probably enhanced). We run this website as a service to our customers. By using it, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use. We’ll try to stay away from the legal jargon and keep this as simple as possible. If at any stage you have questions or need some clarity on the Terms and Conditions of Use, please send us an email to support@fragranceboutique.ie.

All the information collected from you will be securely stored in our database and is used purely to carry out your instructions and action your payment. There are no circumstances under which this information will be passed to a third party. Your contact information may also be used to contact you when necessary for customer service reasons. We will not contact you unless you give us permission.

We sell fragrance products as described in detail on our website. All these products are governed by the appropriate law. We make use of the services of professionals like accountants, lawyers etc. to assist in the delivery of a great product and service to you, our customer. If at any stage before, during or after buying our products you feel you need advice or support, please feel free to contact us. We will assist you as best as we can. After completing the buying process, you will be required to pay at which point the product will be packaged and delivered to you, via a third party courier service.

We will only contact you on your request and in the manner you requested. Our preferred method of communication is per e-mail. Please feel free to send us any queries or concerns to support@fragranceboutique.ie.

Delivery of our products will be via courier service, as stipulated in your purchase process. Fragrance Boutique cannot be held liable for late delivery of product by the third party courier company (although we will assist with any concerns around delivery). Delivery costs are included in the total cost paid by the customer. For any orders of €50 or more, free postal delivery will be offered to the buyer.

We feel confident that you get value for money through buying our products. At all times you’re welcome to contact us for free additional advice and support should it be required.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the product you have purchased, we will refund you, on return of the product, without further questions. We only accept online payment methods, so all refunds will be to the appropriate online method. As the courier service is a third party service, we are unfortunately unable to refund the courier costs. In the end we’re only interested in one thing and that is for you, the customer, to be happy.

We take complaints very seriously and will contact you as soon as practically possible. Our aim is to respond to all queries within 8 hours during normal business hours.

If at any time you should have any concern regarding security, privacy or complaint in connection with making a purchase of our online services, please contact us at support@fragranceboutique.ie.