Our Story

This story starts thousands of kilometers away, in Cape Town, South Africa. Since 1999 we have revolutionized the fragrance industry in South Africa, allowing Fragrances to be available to all, quality fragrances that people could use and enjoy! Top international fragrances imported from the finest factories in Grasse, France.

After proving ourselves in South Africa, we wanted to bring our incredible value and quality fragrances to Ireland, once again setting out to prove ourselves. 


A family with a dream

Our humble beginnings began with the dream of creating a luxury boutique-style environment where fragrance lovers could discover the joy of reverse engineered fragrances, generic fragrances packaged in no nonsense bottles, without the international marketing & advertising costs.


A unique value proposition is born

We believe that “you wear the fragrance, not the packaging” & our first slogan was “the price brings you in & the quality brings you back”, this still stands today.


The fragrance industry in South Africa is forever changed. 

We’ve spent the last 22 years introducing South Africans to affordable, luxury fragrances, and making believers out of sceptics. We’ve opened 40 stores nationwide and have been joined by a passionate group of franchisees. Now it's Ireland's turn to be introduced to our dream, with plans to expand throughout the country.FB logo

We were pioneers on many fronts and forged the way for the generic market in South Africa – educating the public about the generic industry long before the pharmaceutical companies began to provide affordable alternatives.

We believe in empowering our staff & promoting from within – we provide an income to almost 100 South African families and have an ongoing skills development programme for all our staff. We believe “what you give, you receive”. 


The same family who walked the streets all those years ago, still walk the floors of our stores every day, keeping our dreams on track & dreaming of bigger & better things for the future.